The Opiates – Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl EP


One of the very last copies left of limited edition double sided 10″ vinyl of Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim’s project.

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The Opiates started with the intention of being an ambient project. Bored, they soon said: f…ck this, and wrote the kind of songs that moved them in cerebral as well as booty shaking ways.

The Opiates are Robert Solheim and Billie Ray Martin.

Their forthcoming album “Hollywood Under The Knife” explores paths pioneered by the Chicago house and Detroit techno heroes, not least Electribe 101, with the aim of taking things forward a step in history.

Although Kraftwerk and Yazoo have been mentioned as influences, their very unique brand of electronic music is as much Carpenters as it is cutting-edge electro, with a nod to current minimal influences.

The Opiates are radical because they do not shy away from the rare match of songwriting and cutting-edge beats and bleeps.

Hollywood Under The Knife will boldly go where the best of electronic duo crossover albums have gone before and will appeal as much to the charts as to the underground, to film and television as much as radio and beyond.


released March 3, 2008

produced and mixed by The Opiates
music by Robert Solheim
melodies/lyrics by Billie Ray Martin, except where noted
mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden Hamburg

all songs published by Touch Tones Music (Billie Ray Martin), Copyright Control (Robert Solheim) except:
“Oprah’s Book Of The Month Club (Part 2)”: published by Touch Tones Music (Billie Ray Martin), Copyright Control (Robert Solheim), DVersion Music Publishing Ltd (Mikael Delta)