BRM recording fund now open - Crowdfunding

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 To all supporters of my music

I have started recording and writing songs for two new albums and more.

Both albums have equal priority.

To gather the funds to record and develop them I have opened this BRM recording fund where you can donate and support me for the forthcoming recording projects. You would become a patron to my music and my activities.

I did not want to do a purely one-project-based crowdfunding campaign at the moment,  as what I am doing now is too varied and flowing, and ongoing. So that will happen some time later, soon. I also feel like I want to develop a real dialogue with my fans and supporters, where they get to know what I get up to, and where they can ask me questions on an ongoing basis, and get involved more than before. And I have beautiful demos to share, which I’ll be glad to share throughout each stage of developing the songs.

That’s why this fund is staying open for various projects, which I’ve prioritised.

Here’s how to paypal me – click on this link:

What is the money for:

Studio time, musicians, recording, some travel to get to the studios, perhaps some hiring of instruments where needed.

What are the projects:

There are a few and I’ll probably come up with more any minute now.

Here are the priorities:

– an album of new songs, recorded in unusual ways, with unusual people and at least one unusual instrument. Is it house or dance? Not strictly but there is that influence going on too. I’m just not sticking to the orthodox way of creating it. A rhodes, a drum machine, a drummer, and unusual instruments from the realms of classical and experimental music. Just essentials, beautiful songs, nothing else. It’s about singing and songs.

(about 10000 Eur or more needed)

Status: 6 songs drafted 🙂 So happy.


– an album of cover versions of Brel, Aznavour…and writing new songs whilst recording.

Call it the french connection. Prepared Piano,  strange arrangements, Cello? It’s all influenced by Francois de Roubaix. Breaking barriers and singing the songs in ways not sung before. I tried a little something with a song like this not long ago and the way I sang it surprised me and It was even shocking in parts due to the intensity that came out of me. 

(about 10000 Euro needed)

Status: 4 cover version demos done, 4 new compositions done. To be continued in July. I don’t sleep at night as I’m so excited.


There are other projects which will explored along the way, and songs sometimes develop whilst in another session.

–  Poetry I’ve written put to music – straight from the heart.

More about this very soon. I’ve already started. All lyrics are written. Your patronage will allow me to continue with all of these projects. 

All supporters who give amounts over Eur 200 will get mentioned in the credits.

People who donate larger amounts: please talk to me about what kinds of credits you’d like or what else I can do to make you a happy bunny. Let’s communicate.

If you’d like to give a certain amount each month, we can set that up either via bank transfer or paypal.

If I don’t raise enough, unfortunately things will not happen, so this is the opportunity to make sure it does.

Anything else you’d like to bring to the table to help? Talk to me!

And please do get involved, I really want to start a dialogue with you.

Love to you all !!


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My picks of the week. And they're vibey!

2016-07-07 17:24:31 admin

Screen shot 2016-07-07 at 17.15.05
I’ve been spending the week listening to music, getting inspired for my forthcoming album production.
Mostly I listened to things like African Headcharge and Muzlim Gauze, and, as always, the Ramadanman refix of ‘In the nightair’. Then I contemplated how to apply the intricate and percussive elements into house music.
And then these promos get pinged into my inbox and I’m inspired to explore it all even more.
First of all

God, how I love people who re-invent the wheel and you feel like you’ve never took a ride before. This does it for me .
And well done Sueno label for releasing music like this.
Check out their mixtapes too.

Miles EP by Keita Sano

Another wheel re-inventer. This is house music of the highest order. True individualism is at play here. And a play it is, playful and powerful.
My week has been made.

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2016-06-20 14:58:37 admin

Billie Ray Martin

I thought I’d share a bunch of photos, taken by Joern Hartmann, who also made the video for the Pledge Music campaign, and who makes all of my videos. Well here they are, and they were taken while I was posing during the video shoot for Pledge. As you do…

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

Hope you can download them OK…..

Also if you haven’t seen the latest video… now you have:
The single comes out tomorrow:

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Jherek Bischoff's new album Cistern

2016-06-17 12:04:38 admin


It’s been one of those moments where world events drag at peace of mind, a promo arrives, it meets in uncanny ways with the emotions at hand. in fact, it enhances and heals them at the same time. hints of Tuxedomoon but less friction, instead, sheer beauty. David Lynch after an extended TM session? Sometimes words don’t cut it. This does. An Orchestral Masterpiece.

Out 15.7. on Leaf Records.

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Dengue Dengue Dengue... new tracks and album

2016-06-15 11:30:49 admin

I received the full album promo and my mind is duly blown.
Just when you thought it was a dull day, this comes along. It makes me shimmy and shake and bust my best african moves.


When the Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue first broke into the scene, the world immediately surrendered to their mesmerising blend of traditional cumbia with the modern electronic rhythms of dub, techno and dancehall. After making this local movement and gaining international attention with their celebrated debut album ‘La Alianza Profana’ and the follow-up ‘Serpiente Dorada’ EP on Enchufada, the masked duo from Lima is now ready to evolve beyond their musical influences and come into their own as their sound develops into something truly unique with their new album ‘Siete Raíces’.

Taking its name from a traditional Peruvian liquor – a potent beverage brewed from several jungle plants with mystical and aphrodisiac properties – ‘Siete Raíces’ is a suiting metaphor for a band whose distinctively hybrid sonic recipe has been perfected over the years. From their first single ‘Guarida (feat. Sara Van)’, where they introduce a melancholic vocal component to their sound for the very first time, to Murdah’s frantic juke influences or Badman’s tarraxo leanings, Dengue Dengue Dengue set out to expand the unique hybrid cocktail of sounds that has put them on the forefront of the global club music movement.

‘Siete Raíces’ fully embraces South America’s rich musical traditions while taking these cultural references towards the future, powered by thick bass lines, ethereal synths and dusty samples. Striking a captivating balance between tradition and modernity, Dengue Dengue Dengue pick the best of both worlds to expand their unique sonic universe, where the rich mystical ambience of the Peruvian Amazon is translated into an elevating experience for the world’s most forward-thinking clubs and festival stages.

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Just a few of my favourite 'Billie's album has arrived' posts...

2016-05-30 17:48:10 admin

Social media can be fun:) Just a few of my friends and fans (same thing to me) posting about my album arriving….Keep them coming.
#newalbum #soul #soulmusic #albumart #art #cover

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My vocal sample pack has just been released. Work it baby!!

2016-05-29 13:21:14 admin


Here it is

I’m thrilled that I am able to offer this. I hope you will have as much fun with this as I did making it!!!

The 41 samples uploaded on bandcamp are only examples of some elements of the Vocal sample Pack.
You will be receiving a dropbox download link to a zip file of approx. 3 GB of Vocal Samples.

There are in total 404 files contained in 29 folders.

The theme of this sample pack is that it is arranged into ‘songs’ (themes). This means that each folder/section lends itself to building whole songs out of them. You can of course chose to use the samples in any way you chose, and mix and match as you please. Each sample in this pack works with every other one or on it’s own. Each folder/theme contains additional ad libs. All samples are suitable for any kind of music, for house music but also other types of electronic music or any other genre.

This is the content of the sample pack:

Main Folder 1: 100 bpm mid-tempo:
– Folder 1: Ad libs
– Folder 2: Feels so right
– Folder 3: The sound
Each folder contains sub-folders with ad libs.

Main Folder2: 120 bpm
– Folder 1: Falling
– Folder 2: House sounds

Main Folder 3: 120 bpm
– Folder 1: Positive Noise
– Folder 2: Sold City
Sold city folder contains sub-folder with ad libs

Main Folder 4: 124 bpm
– Folder 1: Lover
– Folder 2: Positive Noise (Sweet Music)
– Folder 3: What you gonna do
– Folder 4: Heavy game
Folders 1 and 4 contain sub-folder with ad-libs

Many thanks for reading and I hope you get much pleasure out of working with my vocals. I had a ball making this sample pack and it was a challenge for me to just stand in front of the microphone day after day and make things up on the spot. It is not how I normally work, and when it all came pouring out in the end, after deciding on a ‘theme’ or ‘song name’, I was surprised and pleased with the results. The sample pack was recording using Neve pre-amps and EQ and other state of the art recording equipment, and I am very pleased with the sound quality. I hope you will be too.
released May 29, 2016

All recording by Billie Ray Martin.

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Rachel Claudio - Sound and Substance

2016-05-28 11:55:46 admin


Today I feel inspired to share Claudio’s new video recording. I have felt the strong feeling that this woman must be heard. A while back, when another female artist who works in ‘this genre’, and who is now in the major ‘fame league’, became well known because of extremely polished and expensive looking videos on youtube and a highly developed sound production, I was wondering who had paid for all of this to come seemingly out of nowhere. I had pondered on how media now creates the new generations of major players and I did not quite understand the process, if there was one to be understood. That’s not to say that there was/is no talent there, on the contrary. There just seemed to be something ‘other’ going on than just coming into musical existence because of music that reaches people. Then again, it seems natural that visuals are now such an integral part of the landscape… and why shouldn’t it be. It just made me wonder at the time who someone without those means would be hear.

However once again coming across Claudio I realise, and this is just for me speaking, not for anyone else, what it is all about. Substance and music. Claudio is not concerned with presentation but with getting the message across. And it inspires memore than 1000 glossy videos because it cracks my heart wide open and changes me. For this she is to be applauded. The voice, the vision, the sheer talent is what Rachel Claudio is about. And it is for this she will be heard.
And lady, I love those basslines.

Madness & Dragons

Bass line & big beats for the hurried. Lullaby for the committed. 🙂
Headphones recommended.
All proceeds go to ending child marriage. (Deets linked)
Love to all xx

Filmed at Superfreak Studios, Western Australia
Headphones by Audiofly
Neumann U47 FET courtesy of Soundtown

Posted by Claudio on Friday, May 27, 2016




#claudio #rachelclausio #electronica #electronicmusic #sohn #kwabs #fkatwigs

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Today in 1995!! Really? Pop the champagne open. #celebration

2016-03-18 16:00:35 admin

Screen shot 2016-03-18 at 16.12.30
I just saw this tweet. Quickly brushed it aside as I had lots of stuff to get on with. Suddenly realised what a seminal moment this was for me. What a great memory. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. And I know this happened because of people out there, no one else. Well, I guess I had something to do with it too. But without the Junior Vasquez Mixes, it would have never been as huge worldwide, so thank you Junior,

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Our show at Roter Salon Berlin

2016-02-28 15:05:28 admin

12801283_1038581749531246_5737089220045801019_n (1)

Today I’m thrilled to share some videos from the show. More to come. I’m really happy with these so please share them everywhere :))) Thanks to all of you who were part of this – please see details in the credits.
Happy Days!!

Today I’ll share the photos that Caesar Gergess took of our show. He’s not only a lovely musician, but a very skilled photographer and video maker. I love these Photos and I hope you do too.







Sometimes shows start difficult in the planning stages. You worry about funds, equipment needed, musicians availability, communication between artist and promoter etc. etc. You feel unsure. Then magic happens. Berlin made me happy last night and I have many people to thank. The audience being the obvious ones that made it all happen in the end. But also my dear dear friend Ceven Knowles, for spending the little time he had to create magic visuals, Caesar Gergess coming from Paris for no fee to play the Theremin, Romain Frequency of Electrosexual for lending us some equipment. Monika and Jacqueline for selling CD’s. And many more with their presence and support. Olaf Zimmermann and Radio 1 for supporting the show from the start and making it ‘show of the day’ as well.
These Photos were all taken by Olaf Zimmermann

wp-image-3501″ />12805706_1038582769531144_8756429196600911122_n12804861_1038573446198743_4815819555150483165_n12804781_1038606296195458_2937798998080394140_n12804669_1038573466198741_1842073570948740270_n12803102_1038573489532072_8844816744666038558_n12801364_1038573362865418_661143882000838329_n12800183_1038573592865395_8906590551648903441_n12799293_1038573329532088_7090475998394238324_n12794384_1038603809529040_9092579418746441121_n12800183_1038573592865395_8906590551648903441_n12795457_1038573202865434_2734673804691719786_n

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2016-02-02 09:26:14 admin

Waking up with the flu, sweating, seeing that my Pledge Campaign has reached 101%. I’m between seating more and wanting to be well so I can get on with stuff. I’ve got the basics covered now, but now we can get to the glam stuff: remixes, singles… please keep sharing my project people!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much everyone. I still can’t fathom it.
I posted some new pics as well which you can download.
🙂 Hugs to all of you.

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Sad grocery shopping

2016-01-18 13:34:26 admin

Grocery shopping will never be the same again. This made me sad today.



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And in front of that door there is you

2016-01-11 13:58:32 admin


I didn’t want to cry. And then I walk out of the front door and there, where David and Iggy lived: Candles, FLowers, Tears, Media. And finally I cried.
And I resent the media for being there with their :”…and thiiis is the building blablabla..”, – as if they have a clue about this street, this address, this building. And I wish just for once they’d leave and stay away. So I left quickly.

You lived a live rich and bestowed with gifts beyond measure. I celebrate you.
The gifts you gave during your time here, beyond measure too. I thank you.
The journey which you now are going on will be so rich and exciting. I salute you.
There is no one resting here, no one gone, there never is. But let them think so. I wave to you.
There is no mourning here, just amazement at your life.

And in front of that door…


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Business plans for musicians? Not!

2015-12-11 10:46:49 admin

I saw a video of a great talk someone gave about business ideas for creatives. He used to be a major player in the music business, a good guy, enabling musicians to make money directly from what they did. I won’t name names. I wrote back to him with feedback about his beautiful talk and then thought I’d share it here.

Fabulous talk. Funny, wise, thought provoking.
I bet when you ran your company, allowing musicians to make direct money for what they do, you never realised that 2 pirate guys would start a company called Spotify (and others followed) taking it all away.
The ‘industry’, i.e. the few major labels, own the entire planets’ songs and make millions from simply offering streaming, keeping the money for themselves by:
a. being shareholders in the streaming companies and pocketing that money
b. pocketing most of the royalties form streaming as well
c. getting millions in advances for dishing out the back catalogues, and suing anyone who won’t cough up

Artists now have no way to make money any more.
There’s no nurturing of talent or music, just engines to stream stuff others made, with 3 major companies profiting and nothing much ending up with artists.

The internet didn’t deliver what it promised some years ago: If you get featured on a bunch of blogs everyone will love you, and you will at least get profitable gigs and all record companies will bang your door down to shower you with money. Never happened.
The game is over.

The only way to make money for independent artists, be they young or old, is to perhaps create novelty products and sell them for more. I.e. I press up 200 Vinyl records (once I’ve taken out a loan to produce the expensive vinyl) and sell it to fans for say, 100 Euro. I will have handmade the artwork and whatnot to create interest.
Or, if I’m Wutang Clan, I do the same, but charge 5 Million.

That’s it really.

So I guess this means that what you talk about still applies in some ways, and not in others, for musicians. I know you talk more to startups anyway, but I have actually found your advice useful on a personal level, as a musician too.
It’s just that I don’t see any ways forward any more, because the majors and their streaming buddies have this firmly in their hands.
I have been a speaker a few times at major music conferences about the whole thing, where I have found myself on panels next to the big cheeses of the Streaming companies and some bigger cheeses of major record companies, and have been aghast at the aggressiveness, cynical attitude, and self-congratulating tone they display when artists dare mentioning the fact that they get paid … say… 0.00001 cent for a stream, and that even this amount doesn’t arrive in their account either really.
This also goes for one of the main independent conglamerates, who are also shareholders in Spotify.
The are laughing all the way to the bank and they have a firm hold on the entire industry as it displays itself now. They are nothing but automated administrators of back catalogues and new stuff.

So, thank you for being the good guy for a while, while that was still possible. You made a big difference to the industry as it presented itself for some hopeful years.


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Holly Woodlawn - When Billie met Holly

2015-12-07 10:00:49 admin

IMG_2264 copy

When asked if Transgender people were discriminated against, in my favourite Holly Interview, her reply was: “Thank god they do, otherwise I’d be fighting in Vietnam.” Such was her wit and I loved her for it.

Why has Holly inspired me the way she did, and continues to do so? Why is she my kind of Legend? For me she was always the ultimate Warhol superstar, the best and most fabulous one. The one with the most realness. Jackie had the sheer talent and intellectual capacities, Candy the impressive beauty, humour and campness, but Holly had the star factor, coupled with a real feminine beauty and rawness of talent, that, when she wasn’t completely off her head (and maybe because she was usually) shone with a special kind of vigour and rebellion. Never taking herself seriously, never driven by ego, she was, and always will be to me, an inspiration. She made it Ok to be different. You don’t have to be trans to know different. Believe me: this woman knows what it is not to fit in. But her pioneering work, alongside Jayne County and many others, is so underrated in today’s media landscape, where pioneers don’t matter and where credit is not given to the once who paved the way.

IMG_2272 copy

She performed a show in Berlin a few years ago, and stupidly, i missed it. However I’d heard that she was doing a little appearance at the Arsenal cinema the next evening, and on four hours sleep (hence looking so rough in the photos) I threw on a coat and rushed there. I went downstairs and there she was sitting, alone with her assistant, in the lobby. I shyly asked if it would be ok to say hello, and that I was the one who had written that song about her, but that she probably wouldn’t remember. She immediately waved for me to come and sit with her. We spent the entire evening together.

I told her how much I loved her work and that I was the singer she’d been told about by friends we had in common. She asked me to sing a few notes and as I burst into ‘Maybe this time’ she joined in. We sang loud and off-key but she just kept going, asking me to sing it again and again. We laughed so much, fearing that we’d be thrown out. She asked me to come on stage with her and sing. I declined saying: ‘This is your night, not mine’. “Bullshit’ she said, but I declined.

We talked and I was thrilled to be told stories about Andy and the other girls. She told me that she did not have one bad word to say about Andy and that without him, she wouldn’t be sitting here. She also said kind words about Paul. Morissey. This attitude of acceptance I had seen her display in many interviews and I have always found it to be most humble and kind, quite unlike some of the other stars.

She asked me if I wanted to join her the next morning at the hotel and I said yes. I brought her some CD’s of mine. She wouldn’t stop talking about our singing and she was still so thrilled about that.
Later, I was told, she also listened to my CD’s a lot and loved the music.

IMG_2267 copy

George Cukor, the famous movie director, had campaigned for her to be nominated for an Oscar for Trash, in the role of best female, but the story goes that at that time the board just wasn’t ready for this kind of female. They said that it was too late to nominate but they were probably freaked out. I do believe the Oscar nomination should have gone to her. And in my book, of course, the Oscar too.

Holly is my kind of star and always will be. I will miss knowing that she is on this planet, but I know that she will be back and serve the next dose of fabulousness.

I didn’t want to post the video, because a. I look so tired and b. you can see how shy and nervous I was. But all vanity must take a back seat and here’s our little impromptu session at the foyer at Berlin Arsenal.

Holly will be missed by many. And those who don’t know who she was better do their homework, because without her they wouldn’t be where they are today.

IMG_2266 copy



#hollywoodlawn #andywarhol #trash #legend

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Cleaning is the new meditation

2015-11-08 11:28:34 admin





I discovered a new thing. Cleaning the house. It’s the new kind of meditation. I was radically cleaning, immersed in grease and dust… and noticed that I was hollering ‘If you go away’ for hours. Then I realised i should record it. Cleaning is the new meditation and I shall do it again. #meditation #cleaning #marcalmond #jacquesbrel #chanson  #french

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What's that Bond Theme you're singing....

2015-10-15 16:00:24 admin


Everywhere I go, and choose to sing it, people come up to me afterwards and ask me what the Bond Theme was that I was singing. The song seems to have gained a lot of admirers along the way, gathering more and more friends as time passes. So this is for those of you who have asked.
The song is called ‘Je Regrette everything’ and was written with Michael Delta. It was covered by DJ. Hell, or ‘Hell’ as he is nowadays known, and featuring moi on vocals.
T’is available here:

It came out with some cutting-edge remixes by the likes of #Superpitcher and was a club smash when it was released.
The demo of the song is also out on the CD album ‘New Demos 2002/03’ .

And this is the video, which I had nothing to do with. And my name misspelled, infuriatingly.

dj Hell feat. Billy Ray Martin – Je Regrette from Bozinovska Jones on Vimeo.

A recent rendition at #centrepompidou :

The song is about … well the story is that I walked by a local book shop in Berlin and in the window I saw someone’s autobiography, entitled : “I forgive no one”. I found this extremely funny and i wanted to write a song with a Title somewhat resembling this one. That, plus the fact that I regret a lot of things…and I never liked Piaf’s song…
as Morrissey said: I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges. That is how I wrote the lyrics and melody to the song. Michael Delta who created the original demo music is a very talented composer and the dramatic nature of the track fitted by vibe very well.

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Why I am having an album listening event for my fans way before a release date.

2015-10-02 09:59:29 admin


So, on the 10th October I play my new album to fans at Shoreditch House, London. There is no campaign, no release date. Why then, have I decided to do it? In the process of decision making about the best route and strategy of release of my new album (which is a soul album by the way, by the name of ‘The Soul Tapes’) many ways seemed obsolete or pointless. There are no more record companies really that sign music for music or it’s quality. There are no advances, allowing for a planning of marketing. Label services are the best options but again, most of them don’t pay, can’t pay so it is again up ot the music creator do foot the bill. To simply release it digitally with no substantial campaign, in effect throwing it out to a few people, while the rest of the world does not find out about it? Producing vinyl, in vogue again, but costing and arm and a leg and having become the tool of major labels to make their acts look cool. Is it all grim? Am I continuing to compliain? And don’t get me started on throwing this out digitally, for Spotify and other streaming companies just ‘taking it’ for free and throwing it out there with no return ever to reach my pockets?
I could go on. Instead I’ve decided to take my music where it is appreciated, until my best strategy is finalised, and that is TO MY FANS. My aim is to give value back to music, by holding a listening event, where the music is what matters, and where the memory stays with the people who are there. Where we have a meaningful exchange and where it is nothing but the music that matters. So that’s my little manifesto. Worry not, there will be a proper release. But for now, I am looking forward to this evening, where music touches people and where feedback and exchange happens. Needless to say I’ll follow the listening event with a mean live show, with the able assistance or Roi Robertson on keys and tweakage and Caesar Gergess on Theremin. And perhaps Clifford Slapper will pay a visit on piano?

Billie Ray Martin
Album Listening event
“The Soul Tapes’
and full live show
10th Oct. 6 pm sharp
Shoreditch House London

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Listen to this in depth interview

2015-07-04 22:58:27 admin

Screen shot 2015-07-04 at 22.55.46

Listen to this in-debth interview, where I talk about my background, my loves and dislikes and my beginnings in #sexpress #electribe101
This week’s Bass Agenda is up for streaming etc via the archive. Interview and track selections from the amazing Billie Ray Martin

Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro
Billie Ray Martin – Persuasion
Billie Ray Martin – Sweet Suburban Disco
S’Express – Hey Music Lover
Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself
Elton John – Daniel
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Heartless
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound
The Sex Pistols – Submission
Billie Ray Martin – On Borrowed Time (Take 1)
Billie Ray Martin – After All
Billie Ray Martin – Conquer Tomorrow
Billie Ray Martin feat Aerea Negrot– Off The Rails
Billie Ray Martin feat Stephen Mallinder – The Crackdown
The Opiates – Oprah’s Book of the Month Club part 2
All The People – The Hills
Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart
Slam feat Billie Ray Martin – Bright Lights Fading
Billie Ray Martin – Crime of Passion
Billie Ray Martin – Systems of Silence
Billie Ray Martin – House of Love (instrumental)
Billie Ray Martin – House of Love
DJ Hell feat Billie Ray Martin – Je Regrette Everything
Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms

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Album. Zac Nelson - New Once

2015-07-01 17:11:30 admin

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 16.59.39

My first thought, on listening to “Send my body to her” (the first song on the album): The Shaggs have reformed!
In other words: This is good.
This is very good.
But reducing it to that would be missing the point.
Where to start….
This album is a universe of it’s own. It’s beyond category, description…
It’s a listening experience that manages to expand the tainted, bored, mind and bring it back to source.
Remember when music was always like this?
“Weak Robe” with it’s ‘drummer falling down stairs’ percussiveness and naïve beauty….
“Her daddy broke”. Discordant blues.
This album must have organically grown on a planet, where Per Ubu and the Shaggs hang out during a long hot summer, writing songs.
Each song makes me certain I have visited this realm before, but I can’t remember when and where.
There are some never quite hitting in the ‘right’ spot electronic drums on “Pansize”, alongside beautifully, almost, but not quiet, discordant vocals. A whole planet is painted.
This is a work of exceptional beauty. I know I will listen to it over and over again.

Some more info here:
Zac Nelson conjures a freak matrimony of chaos and beauty for New Once, his first album with Styles Upon Styles.
Born in Illinois and based in Sacramento, Zac Nelson cultivates a daunting discography of pop experiments across a myriad of personas, collaborations and solo affairs. A feral drummer, versatile vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Zac performs with ALAK and Biosexual, recorded as CHLL PLL w/ Zach Hill of Death Grips and maintains a steady output of solo material. His past excursions in leftfield rock (Charbroile [Debacle, 2012]) and blasted sound design (Exis [Further, 2013]), meld into one beautiful orgy of sound in his most idiosyncratic album to date.
Our first letter from Zac included three albums of original material spanning all genres Discogs could muster. His demos for New Once resonated with a startling intensity, bursting at the waveform seams with a colorful, richly layered sound. Entranced, we brought the demos to Rusty Santos, who was instrumental in fostering the songs into the teeming, vivid universe you hear now.
New Once flits from four top harmonies and acoustic strum-alongs to psychotropic passages of blistered ambiance from one minute to the next – each song barely averages above the two minute mark. The rapidity mirrors the musings of a dosed poet or a Hunter S. Thompson novella, dipping from the exuberance of “Some Are This” to the melancholic duet “Her Daddy Broke” with brushstrokes unfettered yet focused.
It’s Zac’s vibrant drumming and sense of groove that elevate New Once beyond the freak pop standards. Beckoning a wild energy from his kit, Zac cascades into proto-funk fills and poly-rhythmic timing with a freewheeling tenacity best reflected in album closer, “Ex-Stream-Esque”.
Zac Nelson blurs the borders of pop nostalgia and experimentalism with unabashed glee throughout the brief and wondrous sound of New Once. New Once will be available in vinyl and digital forms on June 16, 2015 via Styles Upon Styles.
US retail:
UK/EU retail:
general inquiries:

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My new soul album. The producer: Jon Tiven.

2015-06-25 13:26:34 admin


What better day than today to introduce to you the producer and guitar player of the new soul album that was completed a month ago, and i hope gets released at some point in the near future.
He has a new record out and it’s a fabulous one.

Jon Tiven was introduced to me many moons ago by Warner Chappel . His impressive list of productions made me interested. Fast forward to me sitting in his NYC appartement with him and his wife Sally (Bass) and writing a number of songs in a short space of time. Jon and Sally are the kinds of writers who can send me six arrangement ideas and I will pick at least four of them to write lyrics and melodies on. So we ended up very soon with a number of songs and the idea for the album was born.

I’ll write more about the album very soon and I am currently looking forward to organising a listening event for this album, but today I’m introducing the legendary Mr. Tiven.

His website

He’s won a ton of awards and has produced legends!

Even little me did some backing vocals on this one:

and a couple of other songs on the album ‘It’s harder now’.

He produced BB King!

On the soul album we did together Jon’s guitar playing actually has me so excited at times that I can’t believe it’s something I’m involved in. I keep listening to certain parts over and over, which is something I normally don’t do.
Jon and Sally now live in Nashville and continue to wreak havoc on the music scene.

His album is out on July 3rd on MsMusic Productions, available online from Foothill Records.
#JonTiven #soulmusic #blues #memphis #wilsonpicket #bbking

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Lending her lungs....Victoria Wilson James (live at the Glory 6th July, London)

2015-06-24 13:23:55 admin


Sometimes things just work and come full circle. I announce a gig, find the right venue within 24 hours, and an entire group of musical associates and friends tell me they’ll be happy to join me for a song or two. It’s times like this where all the falseness of whether an artist gets paid 0,00000001 cent or 0 cent per stream by Apple takes a backseat and you realise that it’s people that matter. And talent. In previous blog posts I already introduced to you Caesar Gergess and Waterson and today I’m thrilled to say that the family gathering will be complete with Viccsen (as i lovingly call her) joing us to lend her powerful tones to some songs of mine. I cannot wait, since we have never shared a stage before. We are all going to be under-rehearsed and nervous, since a lot of this will be quite spontaneous.

Here are some of my favourite Viccsen moments of recent years.

For those of you wanting to look further back:

and of course she’s worked with the shamen and many more.
#victoriawilsonjames #soul2soul #shamen #diva #soul

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Waterson, collaborating with me on the 6th July live at The Glory, London

2015-06-18 12:15:21 admin

Most people know Waterson and myself have collaborated on a number of projects. I am thrilled though that he has agreed to lend his dulcet tones at my July Gig at the GLory, London as well. This is special to me. I first came across Waterson at a small gig he was doing at the Whitechapel Gallery and much has happened since. He has become one of my favourite music producers and his voice has developed even more. Silky is the word i suppose, if words can describe his humble soulfulness. So without further ado, please listen to his recent productions here.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

The stuff we have done together:

and there’s more to come from us too.

#waterson #billieraymartin #soul #housemusic #electronica

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A song called Billie Ray Martin?

2015-06-15 18:47:56 admin

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 18.49.30

Sometimes, among all the bullshit one decides one must give attention to, in any given moment, there comes a ray of sunshine. Unexpectedly it reminds us what’s important: What we decided to give our hearts to a long time ago perhaps, and that we have forgotten about? Or that there are people out there that have no other goal in mind than to spread some good vibes and have some fun?
Whatever the case may be for you: for me it was the above mentioned.
Some people took the accapella vocal stems i offered to my subscribers on my bandcamp page, and wrote a song around it, about me….and a bloke named Fred. And I love it. It brightened my day, it made me laugh, even cry a little tear.
It made me feel I matter to some people out there and that its time to knock the daily bullshit on the head and concentrate on what’s positive.
And here it is:

#punk #vocals

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Introducing my partners in Crime of Passion :))

2015-06-14 10:31:45 admin

Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 10.31.19

I thought I’d take some time to introduce some of the people that have kindly agreed to lend me a helping hand for my show at the Glory, London, on the 6th of July. The show sold out within two hours basically, making me feel like Kate Bush 🙂 . So it was even more of a thrill when the people who i wanted most to be on stage with me for a song or two all agreed. Well here is the first installment. Caesar Gergess will play the Theremin. I came across this instrument a couple of years ago (why didn’t i before…. no clue) and my friends all chipped in to buy one for my birthday. But for my show I’ve recruited the able hands of Caesar. Please check out his beautiful music on bandcamp.
Especially this album captured my attention. I find it an inspiring listen.

There is even a cover of “love comes quickly’. Not to be sniffed at.
Also his early recordings display a beauty and vision not often found.

He also makes beautiful videos.

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Get your ticket to the London live show now

2015-06-09 17:34:13 admin

You can now buy your ticket.
Alternatively a ticket web link will follow shortly.
Please note that on bandcamp you can chose to pay more to support this show and get musos paid :))
link to ticket
facebook event

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The Memphis Session.... it's not garbage

2015-05-20 11:33:06 admin

billiered 2

While digging out some unreleased Electribe stuff, i ‘found’ the raw memphis recordings of my album ‘Eighteen carat Garbage’. To my amazement it sounded great, with the backing vocals, sung by Ann Peebles and Carla Thomas, up loud and raw and beautiful and the musicians (Aretha’s band) twanging away and me hollering out guide vocals. Even laughter and chit chat, it’s all there. So on my list it goes for future mixdown, to be released as ‘The Memphis Session’. Even the prev. unreleased song ‘Hearts in Armour’ was recorded.
In case you don’t know the album that was released here it is:

The album sold out on import in the UK within days, and sold very well elsewhere, for an indie album. So much so that subsequently, the eighteen carat garbage demos was released. The album gets dearer to me each year, as it seems to find ever new friends and more and more emails are received where people express their support and love of this album.

Also of course, there is the ‘Recycled Garbage’ album, and many Vinyl releases.

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Today: Subscriber Exclusive acapellas and unreleased Opiates demo

2015-05-15 09:51:58 admin

gay art 321 Liz 2







Today’s subscriber exclusive comes in 2 parts.
Again, it is a previously unreleased an unheard song.

This time there are 2 versions:
The Opiates – Are you loathsome tonight (unreleased demo and vocal acapellas/stems) for remixing and producing.
Billie ray martin new demo – Are you loathsome tonight (basic demo and vocal acapellas/backing vocals/stems) for remixing/producing.

The vocals are very different in approach. The ‘Opiates’ version’s vocals were spontaneous, the other was worked on and recorded at Hackney Rd./ Studios and tweaked to perfection in post-production.
So take your pick and enjoy trying your own mixes/production etc.
The Opiates demo:
BRM alternative demo:
You can also listen here:

To subscribe, and get these releases, just follow the instructions on bandcamp. Bancamp page also tells you about what else you will get for subscribing.

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It's Out! Subscriber Exclusive. Vocal Parts, acapella.

2015-05-08 08:56:39 admin

Today I release this prev. unreleased song with vocal stems for mixes and production.
Subscribe and get this and many more, as well as back-catalogue items, singles etc.


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Special Bandcamp Releases this Friday

2015-05-06 14:39:37 admin


This  Friday sees the release of some very special subscriber exclusive releases:
The first one:
Black Breakers:
(Vocal Stems, and demo of an unreleased song) to try your hands on your own production/mixes.
The links will be posted on Friday.

Check back Friday the 15th for the second set of vocal stems:


‘Are you loathsome tonight’:
An unreleased ‘The Opiates’ demo as well as the vocal parts for you to do your own mixes and production of this song.
‘Are you loathsome tonight’ (Alternative Version)

A different vocal performance with backing vocals and rough demo, to create your own mixes and production.
(please note, the subscriber service is still on Beta, and at present ‘subscriber exclusive’ items are not displayed to non-subscriber. We have notified them repeatedly that this needs to be changed asap, and we will post a soundcloud link so that non-subscribers can listen to the demos.)

If you want to clue yourself up on how the subscription on bandcamp works, please click on ‘shop’ on this website and bandcamp will show you how it works.

Other news:
Live Shows update: Leeds and Dublin, Berlin

Also don’t forget this gem:

There is a new/re-released rare single added to bandcamp store:
(love it and share it to support it please)

On Youtube:
On Soundcloud:
On Hearthis:


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New Bancamp Release Today

2015-04-19 14:26:49 admin

buy it: click on ‘shop’ tab on this website or link:
The Pacemaker single (1998) produced and programmed by the very talented Bill Lee in NYC, part of the Crime and punishment EP in it’s orig. version.
The song describes my recordbreaking impatience.
The backing vocal arrangements reflect my obsession with Ike and Tina Turner’s Ikettes arrangements.
The song started out as a Billie and the Deep song in approx 1983
The track was later re-recorded as “The Pacemaker” and appeared as a bonus track on the I’ve Never Been To Memphis CD in 2001.
#House #DrumnBass #SynthPop #SynthSoul


Produced, Programmed By – Bill Lee
Written by Billie Ray Martin, Bill Lee, Vinny Vero

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Artists get robbed. Does anyone care?

2015-04-15 15:47:25 admin

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 15.39.56
So here is another example of another band/artist getting upset about not getting paid adequately for their streams. I’ve been harping on about it for years, but it’s only when big names speak up, we pay attention. so here you go. And in case you don’t know it, our money goes into the pockets of major record companies, who are shareholders, and a bit goes to spotify. Next to nothing ever goes to the artists. You don’t care? I don’t blame you. But my ass has been robbed for years now. And it’s legal ‪#‎fuckoffspotify‬ and ‪#‎fuckmajorlabels‬ ‪#‎theft‬

here is the article.

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Record Store Day

2015-04-15 09:18:31 admin

My little contribution to the upcoming Record Store Day. With any vinyl order I’ll send out an additional free Vinyl record, signed, as well as a free DVD. All orders come with a signed Postcard as well. #RSD2015

Just click on my ‘shop’ tab.

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 09.15.59

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 09.16.29

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 09.16.47

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 09.16.57

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 09.17.05

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back in the hamburg days. ahoi again miss nico.

2015-02-13 12:47:19 admin

back in the 90’s, one of the most exciting things going on in hamburg were andrea junker’s ‘housefrau’ events. andrea ran a booking agency and artist representation agency too, as well as having her own tv show on viva television. she had gathered around her an artist- and musician/dj collective, and it was always great fun for me to drop by their office right by the harbour. miss nico was one of those creatives. the events had a distinct visual identity and the label ‘housefrau’ could not, and cannot to this day, be separated from the artwork. their posters were cult.

today i was thrilled to receive a gift from nico, that i had announced on facebook i wanted. not only was the st.pauli keyring included but a multitude of customised and handmade gifts, from packaging to special goodies made by hand.
i feel super happy to get this keyring, as a st.pauli girl, i would be.
this is nico’s website
i can recommend to check it out. a very talented and uniqe artist. if you ever need a truly special gift… here’s your woman.
i was looking for an old housefrau image online but there’s nothing.
so here’s what i received today. magic!

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my love affair with s-express

2015-01-29 12:02:49 admin

Mark Moore: “The vocals are by Billie Ray Martin from Electribe 101. I’d met her at Shoom, which was the original acid house club that kicked off the whole dance music revolution. She’d read in the NME that anyone could be in my band, so took me up on the offer. I was on the dancefloor, under this smashing stroboscope, with this interesting looking German girl talking to me, and I thought, ‘She’s obviously nuts’. But she had this great silent movie star beauty to her, so I told her to pass by the Beethoven St Studios the next day. She came in and we set up the mic for her and gave her a backing track for L’age du gateau. Suddenly this voice came out of her. It sounded amazing. We couldn’t figure out how this voice was coming out of this white German girl. I was just obsessed with her after that.”
see the whole article here
how lovely of mark. thank you my dear!!!!

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i feel lucky!!!!!! lucky lucky...etc.

2015-01-28 16:43:43 admin

wowowowowow (slap me, i sound like kate bush) i just received this in the post. i posted about how much i would love to own this. and someone sent it!!!!!! vice versa is one of the main inspirations for me to want to sing and do electronic music. and even better…i ended up becoming friends with stephen singleton from the band. they later became ABC. i’m such a lucky lucky lady :)) this box set is incredible.IMG_2060

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sly stone to finally get paid. but!...

2015-01-28 10:40:55 admin

as happy as this news is, i get angry when i read that people like sly are homeless. i have known a few memphis legends that could not afford healthcare or a new organ, and as we know, even some motown legends died penniless. it’s the american way. you fend for yourself and you’re damn lucky if individuals come to your rescue. but it makes me angry.
read the news here:

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gratitude saturday it seems

2015-01-24 09:54:29 admin

i just received this message:
“Today i heard “I’m not Simone Choule” for the first time on You Tube and i was totally blown away and up in tears of joy. Maybe the best song i ever heard and will hear in my whole life.”
it really moved me. without Robert Solheim it wouldn’t exist. and without Antonio Lerario the video wouldn’t exist. and without Michael Huber we wouldn’t have been able to make videos and promote the album. i feel gratitude and i am reminded why i continue to try to release music.

gratitude also Ceven Knowles for doing all the video art for live and much more and Philip Marshall for graphic design. and of course to Wolfgang Tillmans for the images and much more

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ahhh, look what santa brought

2014-12-27 15:07:40 admin

if you don’t know our new single, it’s here

#housemusic #divas #vocalhouse thank you to uebermonkey for making this

off the rails

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dj set at 'wet for me' at la machine du moulin rouge, paris, 29 nov. 14

2014-12-02 20:00:27 admin

yeahh paris: some videos from saturdays dj set at wet for me at la machine du moulin rouge with Karin Park and Kate Simko. it was one of the most fabulous parties i’ve played at.

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kraut is as kraut does

2014-09-17 17:27:12 admin

Remember i was carbon-dioxide.
the best title since: are friends electric?
Fujiya and who?
krauts rock the best.
gutsy, shimmering, kraftwerkian keyboard hooks, ‘wire-esque’ … and clean.
no, dirty as punk.
melodic and beautiful music that has all the right elements and, in combination with the stunning beauty of the artwork, are really modern classics to be.
i would like to see them live.
3 albums are out. the artwork is stunning. you want to own them. i want to own them.
all available on that fantastische label that is bureu B.

bureu b just keeps the gems coming

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the genius of monsieur pierre cardin

2014-09-13 10:57:13 admin


near where i was staying in paris on my last trip there, was pierre cardins’ shop.
it was so amazing for me to even go in there and talk to staff, let alone to be greeted by his muse maryse gaspard, who looked so stunningly beautiful and stylish that, arriving from berlin, i felt i was on a new planet. a planet where people had dignity and grace and cared about what they looked like. this is not a shallow outcry for more importance to the exterior but for mindfulness in the presentation of self.
to say i am a fan of pierre cardin’s fashion is an understatement. to me, he is one of the genius human beings of design. his designs were ahead of their times all the way up to the 90’s, even if not many people cared to notice this. he has just, at age 92, re-designed the 60’s look and the collection is quite marvellous to look at.
we were kindly given a telephone number to call to maybe arrange a meeting, or drop by again for lunchtime the next day, as monsieur cardin drops in each day. i did not make use of this kind offer because i felt that he might be confused about who the hell i could be….
what you need to understand is that, even being in a room belonging to pierre cardin, is en par with meeting ann peebles or siouxie sioux.
so, respectifully not bothering anyone, i sent a nice package of cd’s and dvd’s to them all afterwards.
so i took in the beautiful designs but mostly i was stunned to find, more or less diagonally opposite the shop, a shop of his sculpures. the sculpures have been in my consciousness for many years. hand painted wood mostly, they are, of course, pieces of furniture, designed as sculpures. underrated again, he has created something of such beauty and timeless pop-artness, that i’ll let the images speak.
here are some impressions. long may he live and create.
thank you caesar for translating and being there, and eric d clarke for hanging out with me….

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A few words about this ‘gender thing’, and other prejudices.

2014-09-08 14:53:01 admin

A few words about this ‘gender thing’, and other prejudices.

I grew up in the red light district of Hamburg, with my grandparents. Most of the women around me, my mother, aunt, etc. looked more like glamorous transvestites than ‘real’ women. Beehives, bleach, eyeliner to the ceiling– glamour in a child’s eyes. ‘Who are these people, and what is their connection to me?’ I wondered, when they would visit. Where do I fit in? In the ‘hood’ I came across every type of mix of sexual orientations and gender combinations. Wide-eyed, I dreamed of another world I sensed was out there, where these people somehow had the key to something I had yet to encounter. (My song ‘Legends that die’ is about this.)
On the staircase… rumors whispered…’you know, he’s the other way around’ (German polite term for gay)’. ‘What does this mean?’ I would ask, finding it all rather interesting. My gran wouldn’t tell me.
My aunt went with girls. She looked like a cross between Jayne Mansfield and Marlene Dietrich but with a very masculine touch in those fierce eyes (covered in eyeliner) as well. My grandmother, not amused, kicking her out of the house. Me: Confused, missing her.
I had a removed cousin Ronald (no pun intended), who became Regina.
When Regina turned up at his gran’s house, who was then 86 years old, she said: ‘You come here looking like that, ok get it out I want to see it then.’ Thus said, she touched his newly created ‘parts’ and said: ‘Ok, now take me shopping’.
Although sexual orientation was all hush-hush with my gran, something not spoken about, I lived in a kind of semi-exotic Hollywood world of peroxide and pearls, made in Hamburg, and I sensed a hint of something bigger out there than my gran would let me know about.
Our Sunday walk along the Reeperbahn, past the neon signs of naked girls, women strutting in their heels, doors to establishments I did not know the interior of, all just part a normal Sunday out and about. Needless to say the exact gender of people encountered in my childhood, was often hard to establish, and no one worried about this, not even my gran. It was simply part of living by the harbour of Hamburg, with its whiff of the world of sailors, and exotic journeys only dreamed about.

These circumstances are probably the reason why I have never spent one minute of my time worrying about what sexual orientation or gender someone happens to inhabit in their lives. The thought of judging someone or even wondering about who they happen to be sexually or/and in their wider identity, was always, and is today, alien to me.

Yesterday I posted new photos of myself and Aerea Negrot hugging while showing a bit of skin. A couple of people started analysing if I am a lesbian or trying to be controversial or if, in fact, I didn’t mind being ‘seen as something I’m not’. Someone from an Arab country posts: ‘Satan’.
Naively, I stared in disbelief. We were two people on a photo shoot, having a great time fooling around spontaneously. No agenda, no intentions and certainly no thought that this would even raise an eyebrow in this day and age.

Hence I decided to write a few words about this. I happen to be straight these days, so you can stop wondering. I would also mostly rather have the famous cup of tea than get my nickers in a twist. I have no issues hugging with males, females, queers, transgender people of all variations, nor do I think about who or what they ‘are’.
Everyone should get over placing too much attention on a.) Sexuality and b.) Gender or sexual orientation, and instead enjoy life in all it’s richness and support anyone who differs from the norm; a norm that still seems to exist in people’s heads, although not in mine, nor, luckily, in 90% of my friends’. Do we really need to point this out in 2014? Apparently so.
Let’s support each other in our potential and in what we have to give. Let’s comment on what we did well, how we touched someone or were touched by something someone did. The planet is going to pot and we don’t have time to piss about, let alone wonder about unimportant details concerning others. This goes for all of use, gay or straight. Just let’s have fun celebrating each other in the face of a dysfunctional world that tries to stifle our individuality at every moment. Sexuality and gender orientation is only a part of who we are, not all of us. We need to start looking beyond, and find ourselves, not lose our wigs shading others.

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songs of praise....impressions

2014-09-06 16:52:40 admin

accompanied by caesar gergess on theremin
thank you romain frequency and mavin le magass for videos 🙂 and connie werner for the photos. i’ll update this with more photos and videos as they come in.
Billie Ray Martin live
Freitag 5.September 2014
apostel paulus church berlin schoeneberg
organ and piano: frank schreiber
thank you to everyone at apostel paulus church. it was a memorable evening for me and i am so glad we made it!!
thank you to a wonderful audience!!!!!!!!!!!!



thanks to mavin le magass for sending these videos.










Photo 05-09-14 22 17 000

Photo 05-09-14 22 16 47





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are you gagging....?

2014-08-30 08:37:22 admin

for the new photos?!!!!!!! promo started yesterday!
Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 08.20.02

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2014-08-18 18:44:34 admin
my home is the most beautiful place on earth. the infamous toilet from the 'toilet edition' of 18 carat garbage IMG_1404a a flower in a ouddle, after the rainfall, in st. paul (red light district)
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dress designs for the 'you and i...' video

2014-07-02 19:16:31 admin

i found these wonderful drawings of designs to chose from for my video for ‘you and i keep holding on’. they fell out of a box today and i really like them. i cannot remember who made the dress or made these beautiful aquarell drawings. all i remember is that i worked the way i always do. i gave some basic ideas and bad drawings of mine, as well as some images of gowns i had found in books to the designer and was in turn presented with these results seen here. which design i chose you can see in the video. i yet have to upload all those official videos to my own youtube channel. meanwhile the director seems to now have uploaded the video to his.





a DVD of all my videos and more can be bought at my store. a preview is here:

you can get it at

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moebius, story, leidecker.......

2014-06-11 13:10:12 admin

i was plannning to blog about Roedelius, the legendary master of intuitive music and now i guess this will have to wait a couple of weeks.
this cd arrived and had me stop in my tracks. hints of ‘My life in the Bush of Ghosts’ perhaps, but labels and comparisons don’t quite describe it’s unique beauty. Improvisational Constructions? Deconstructed Intuitions? Labels, Labels…..

Dieter Moebius charted new “Krautronik” ground as one half of Cluster (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius) for many years. The Americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker are two electronic musicians who could not be more different to one another. Story is known for his warm soundscapes whilst Leidecker has made an name for himself, or rather for his “Wobbly” pseudonym, with experimental adventures in sound. “Snowghost pieces” features harmonious, electronic improvisations of the highest order. Hypnotic rhythms embellished with sometimes bizarre, always surprising sounds and noises. Out June 27, 2014, on CD / vinyl-CD / DL

on BUERO B records.

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Charles Aznavour - A True Star

2014-05-25 11:29:20 admin


Liza Minelli started singing because she wanted to sing songs like his. Everyone from Elvis Costello to Dusty Springfield covered his songs. My own perception of how lyrics are written and my perception of how a vocal is performed was transformed by this man, the moment i heard ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ and had trouble even fathoming how that phrasing and flow was created.

So i finally got to see him last night. It had been my dream to see Charles Aznavour in concert for as long as i can remember. Last night, on the day of his 90th birthday there he was, onstage at 02 world. He made even this soul-less venue, that i wouldn’t normally set foot in, shine with his charisma, his voice, which was as strong as ever, and his unforgettable songs. A full band accompanied him. quite amazing how strong his vocal performances were at this point in his life, where some stars dissapointingly lose their vocal powers at age 50.
My favourite songs ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ and ‘What Makes A Man’, songs that i have on cd in their german, english and french versions, were sung and i was enchanted.
I don’t go to see many concerts so i guess it was almost the first time that i saw an artist who is a true world star. he just oozed a larger-than-life stage presence and charisma which floored me. i was glued throughout the two hour show.
Regarding the multitude of artists who have covered ‘yesterday when i was young’ and ‘what makes a man’:
shirley bassey turned it into a meaningless showtune, others who’ve tried shouldn’t have bothered.
the only decent version i’ve heard is Mark Almonds

Here is his version of Charles Aznavours “What Makes A Man’:

and let’s not forget this unforgettable version:

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Tish! Tish!

2014-05-11 13:35:53 admin

now with never heard before demo 🙂

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new releases

2014-05-01 18:31:56 admin

i’m really excited!! wooo verdammt hooo

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an eventful week

2014-04-26 11:07:25 admin

it’s been an eventful week. we shot 2 music videos for my new singles. the first one was a video shot on potsdamer strasse and hauptstrasse berlin, reminiscent of ‘bowie in berlin’, kind of. i am excited to see the outcome, when director joern hartmann (again) makes the most of it. The second one i’ll talk about when the time comes for the follow-up release. we had huge fun – it was the most relaxed shoot i’ve ever been on. carl stanley once again flwe in from london to do the make up. inez koernich assisted and much more, michael bidner was the assitant to the director and filmed extra footage on both videos. it was also funny to only have to walk out the door more or less, and be on the ‘set’. the second video was shot at o-ton theater, , a tiny, and i mean minute, theatre with a black stage. it was more than perfect. special thanks go to herrn bossmann for letting us use it and huge thanks also go to georg jenisch for lending his puppets.
the week also meant approving the final remixes for the following two releases. this never comes easy to me as i have to pay attention to so much detail. I have to be well rested and in a fairly relaxed mood to actually do it, otherwise i feel too much pressure. that’s just the way i tick. you’ve got to get it right.
So…next on the menu are the masters approval and the releases themselves. i’ll set a release date in the coming week.
here are a couple of first shots from the video sets.

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woop! with added bonus tracks

2014-04-19 08:17:55 admin

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Electribe 101 - Heading for the Night - Frankie Knuckles Remixes. In Honour Of Frankie Knuckles.

2014-04-01 10:11:33 admin

I don’t think these mixes were released (i could be wrong), so i thought it might be a good way to share some of the soulfulness of Frankies Work he did for us here. Farewell and thank you Mr. Knuckles. To me the scary sounds on some of these mixes are just amazing and give this tune edge. The basslines are killer! The strings and pads pure soul. I was never keen on my vocal on this song, but …you live
and learn. Enjoy.

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stained glass windows..........

2014-03-28 13:09:24 admin

SOUL-TRONIC! the name of the evening. For any of you early birds this might be interesting. On the 5th of September I will be playing a full live show at Apostel Paulus Church in Berlin Schoeneberg.
The Church celebrates the 50th birthday of their Organ in a month long series of concerts. This will be electronic music along with the big church organ and piano. EXPECT STEAMY STAINED GLASS WINDOWS!

i will be playing a large selection of songs from my entire period as a musician as well as the latest single(s) and more.
Expect Kate Bush style ticket frenzy (:brm humour)
oh! the church is a stunning, listed, gothic building and was designed by Franz Heinrich Schwechten, who, if i am not mistaken, also designed the famous Gedaechtniskirche (memorial church).
Rock’n Roll!

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art still inspires.

2014-03-24 18:29:59 admin

so today started a bit as a potential write-off. unsuccessfully trying to make all kinds of arrangements for my new video shoot, like getting the right clothes, locations etc. kind of took it out of me. then i received word that is going to remix one of my new releases, a david bowie cover. while i’m waiting to buy my own first theremin, what could be better than having this wonderful artist work with me. check out her website.
then someone on my facebook page (david henru green THANK YOU) suggested i find out who did the sound design for this video:

now i WAS inspired. the fact that nothing impresses me easily these days usually doesn’t help but this reached me. eraserhead parallels are obvious, both visually and in sound design, but svankmeyer is not far. and i do wish i knew who did the sound, it is a work of art in itself.
Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 18.33.28
this is the website of the artists:
so…this is my inspiration for today. thanks to all my fans on facebook and everywhere who had suggested ideas to me for far-out remixers (although i’m not sure pope franciscus will confirm)

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2014-03-22 09:02:16 admin

so i’m obsessed with the theremin, as some of you know from my multiple posts on facebook yesterday. i watched this movie last night. very good indeed.
you can watch the film for free there.
if i add some gospel singing to this…will i be the words first Thereminister? this will be bought as soon as it’s out of production
or maybe i’ll buy and old one. who knows. it’s not that i didn’t know about the existence of the theramin before. i just had not given it much attention. UNTIL: !

now, THIS had excaped my attention before. so much feeling and poise as well as sheer ability to get THOSE sounds out of THAT thing.
so…who knows…i’ll certainly do some practicing once i get my hands on a theremin. the film is well worth watching. very moving in fact.

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throwback thursday

2014-02-27 18:52:28 admin



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boonlorm reinvents the wheel - sort of

2014-01-18 16:32:48 admin

Brooklyn DJ/producer Pocketknife aka a string of other names, aka Laposky, with a string of big name remixes and a sting of this and a string of that is an odd sort. not content with working the floor using ever ‘new’ fomulaic combos, he wipes it with a mindblowingly simple yet…über exciting new sound. How it’s possible to manage this with a hi-hat, a kick, a snare, a piano and sme more odd bits is beyond me.
but take a listen for yourself, you lucky social media users. one click and it’s at your demanding fingertips to free streaming.

personal favourites? not even sure. i find myself singing along as if i’m recording a memphis soul record. and that can only be a good thing.
Boonlorm – String Figures
Vinyl and compact disc in stores now and available from the Wilde Calm Shop
Digital album available now

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One half of Bent made an album. Get it! You'll be a happier human being.

2013-10-18 20:36:07 admin


Simon Mills, one half of Bent, made this album, MADE it. Someone MADE this music. It’s full of quirky love, it’s full of …music. It sounds like music should sound. Remember when music charmed it’s way into your consciousness instantly and effortlessly? And this is by no means saying that it sounds in any way retro-esque, au contraire. But it’s sound is so instant that it vaguely makes you remember a time when music could do that.
No hypem.shite, no ‘if it ain’t in this blog it ain’t worth a f…’ this is pure delight and will convince on it’s own merits. The love and work that has gone into this album cannot go unrewarded and therefore fork out a few quid, post it, blog it, cane it from the rooftops.


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yup, i've been lazy...but...

2013-09-17 19:28:16 admin

this makes up for any snoozing on my part. just sharing this quickly. i promise there’ll be more posts soonest.i came across this. no idea when it came out but it’s in the vein of my favourite act in the world, alien alien, and it’s fierce as fierce can be. it grows on you with each listen. and let’s face it, videos in which people are dancing are always the best.

and here are my favourite dance track and video of all times.

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2013-08-15 14:47:40 admin


Robbie Basho
Visions of the Country
out August 20th, 2013 on Gnome Life Records
LP + digital download
Out now!

I feel ‘wrong’ blogging about this Robby Basho album. It’s like eating caviar off a paper plate, meaning that really one should shout about this album from a rooftop while flying kites, or create an event celebrating it or listening to it in silence with a worthy group of friends. The throw-away moment we call reading about music on a blog seems utterly inappropriate here. However……

Let’s hear sound:

And that’s just for starters. The rest of this album has the debth of, say, ‘This Mortal Coil’ make a country/folk album but even that does not begin to describe the mountains of emotion shining here.

Here’s another taste.

I leave the rest to you. Words will only disturb the symbiosis of souls that takes place when listening to this masterpiece.

Respectfully crafted by the label and with warm analogue mastering bringing out the sound to maximum beauty, this re-issue deserves recognition.

1. Green River Suite
2. Rodeo
3. Rocky Mountain Raga
4. Variations on Easter
5. Blue Crystal Fire
6. Orphan’s Lament
7. Leaf In The Wind
8. Night Way
9. Elk Dreamer’s Lament
10. Call On The Wind

Order the album:

Screaming Rachael – Queen of Soul
Label: Trax Records
Cat: TX062003
Release: 20.08.2013
Format: digital

This retrospective album compiles 32 tracks, spanning the beginning days to hip-house anthems to hits such as ‘You used to hold me’. The versatility and no-bounds attitude of early house is apparent at all times. For me it gets really interesting on tunes like ‘I’m into you’, ‘Build you a house’ and ‘Fantasy’ where it gets soulful and song-based. But basically it’s all there and just shows again the influence of early house and dance music on everything that attempts to be done today. There are new-wave’ish and Blondie’esque moments on tracks like ‘Insult to Injury’ as well as tunes displaying her very own kind of poetry, especially on my own personal favourite moment, the poetry reading ‘Princess in Penthouse A’.

Every single of the dance track will cut it on the floor today without re-edit, which is often rare with classic dance and house-tunes, as they often weren’t snare heavy enough to fit into today’s sets. I’m glad to have all these tracks on one compilation. Well done Traxx.

CHICAGO 1987 – 88


Release Date: 09.17.2013
Art ist : Vari ous
Tit le” Jerome Derradji Presents Bang The Box!
The (Lost Story) of Aka Dance Music. Chicago 1987-88
Label : Sti ll Music
Cat No: St il lmdcd010

The real the true Chicago Vibe here. Tracks that have set the template for things to come. Dump your laptop, buy a 2 track tape machine. You’ll be happier.

Tracklisting (Double CD)
1 – Nexus 6 – Take Me Higher (The Ultimate Acid Mix)
2 – Matt Warren – Bang The Box (Bang The House Mix)
3 – Michael Griffin Feat. George Karchmer & Khrissie Henderson – Close Your Eyes (Club Mix)
4 – Team – The Music’s Got Me (Club Mix)
5 – BnC – House Ain’t Giving Up (Jackin Mix)
6 – Modern Mechanical Music feat. Matt, Nick, Michaelangelo – Pleasure Dome (House Mix)
7 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Exotic (Vocal)
8 – Nexus 6 – Take Me Higher (Club Mix)
9 – Modern Mechanical Music feat. Matt, Nick, Michaelangelo – Pleasure Dome (Inst.)
10 – Matt Warren – Take It To The Wall (Matt’s Mix)
11 – Team – The Music’s Got Me (Dub Mix)
12 – Matt Warren – Bang The Box (Original Re-Mix) 1994
Cd 2:
1 -Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Rock It
2 -Michaelangelo – Lost In The World
3 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Exotic (Dub Version)
4 – Michaelangelo – Alternative House
5 – Michaelangelo – Jackin
6 – Michael Griffin Feat. George Karchmer & Khrissie Henderson – Close Your Eyes
(Matt-N-Steve House Mix)
7 – Michaelangelo – Disco House
8 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Don’t Bring Back Memories
9 – Matt Warren & Michelangelo – Let It Flow (Short Version)
10 – Michaelangelo – Pick It Up
11 – Michaelangelo Feat. Pepper Gomez – Shake It
12 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo- Remember The Last
13 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Exotic (House It Up Dub)
14 – Matt Warren & Michaelangelo – Dusty House

And if that’s not reason enough to keep jacking, there’s MORE:
Release Date: 08/20/2013
Artist : Various
Title” Jerome Derradji Presents Kill Yourself Dancing
The Story of Sunset Records Inc. Chicago 1985-88
Label: Still Music

Soon to become familiar names make their first appearances here. Matt Warren, Miguel Garcia and Ralphi Rosario created an outlet for their sound here. The influence of the tracks compiled here is massive, although everyone was going nuts about traxx and DJ International at the time, the tunes compiled here are up there with the best of them. Cowbells anyone?

Tracklisting (Double CD)
1 Razz Feat. Matt Warren & Ralphi Rosario – Kill Yourself
2 Modern Mechanical Music – Persia
3 Master Plan – Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
4 White Knight – It Could Be Acid
5 Ben Mays – Jail Bait
6 Hex Complexx – I Want You – Suite – The Dash Riprock
7 Michaelangelo – You Can Do It
8 White Knight – White Knight Jacks Club Mix
9 Razz Feat. Matt Warren & Ralphi Rosario – Razz-Matazz
10 Boom Boom & Master Plan – Face The Music Club Mix
11 – Razz Feat. Matt Warren & Ralphi Rosario – Pump It Up
1 Matt Warren – The Way To My Heart Club Mix
2 Kajsa – Try Try Again House Mix
3 White Knight – Demons A Mix 4U
4 Modern Mechanical Music – Doo Doo Da
5 Razz Feat. Matt Warren & Ralphi Rosario – Say It
6 Boom Boom & Master Plan – Face the Music Dub Mix
7 White Knight – Yo Baby Yo Mix 1
8 Master Plan – Electric Baile (Large Dub)
9 White Knight – Acid Dub
10 Matt Warren – Rock

Tracklisting (Double LP)
A1 Razz – Kill Yourself Dancing
A2 Ben Mays – Lover Man
B1 White Knight – It Could Be Acid
B2 Boom Boom & Master Plan – Face the Music Dub Mix
Lp 2 –
C1 Modern Mechanical Music- Persia
C2 Master Plan – Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
D1 Hex Complexx – I Want You The Transcontinental Mix
D2 Matt Warren – Rock The Nation Remixed By Kenny Jason


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This is your life...

2013-03-12 20:20:08 admin

sort of. the project I’m working on at present is always my favourite project. but why not succumb to a moment of nostalgia. some bad artwork, some good…it’s all there. the image was kindly supplied by andy reynolds from popular publicity who’s been working my wares in the united states and is an all round PR genius really. hopefully the glittering gutter, which is currently receiving a remix treatment, will make it onto the list of covers at some point soon….as i said, the current project is always the favourite.

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omg omg omg omg etc. etc. my interview with mr. atkins!! is out!

2013-02-19 10:06:57 admin

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brm in dallas....(Farewell JR)

2012-11-24 14:35:49 admin


The legend that was JR ewing passed on today. i felt it my duty to dig out my pictures of our rather fun outing in Dallas to the southfork ranch whilst on tour in the states approx. 1998…or was it 97. i had line danced at a disco called ‘country 2000’ the night before to ‘insane in the membrane’ followed ‘Blue Monday’ (I swear!). men in white cowboy hats and wranglers jeans…what more could a girl want. ‘Take me to southfork’ i demanded of the record company reps the next morning and the happily obliged. accompanied by friend and road manager Steve honest who was always happy to join in all the pranks. here’s the evidence:

Southfork is run as a museum. The neon sign with me posing of course.

Southfork is run as a museum. The neon sign with me posing of course.

Southfork Ranch

me posing in front of a ‘who’s who in Dallas’ picture gallery

me posing in front of a ‘who’s who in Dallas’ picture gallery

Sue Ellen and JR’s BED!!!

Sue Ellen and JR’s BED!!!

brm at the southfork gate

brm at the southfork gate

the ewing’s living room

the ewing’s living room

Southfork Ranch - The Dining Room

the pool!! avec brm of course.

the pool!! avec brm of course.

the ewing’s bathroom

the ewing’s bathroom

well that was fun…to be honest, i can’t remember if this was LA or Dallas …but anyway typical ‘exit’ by brm and steve honest. the limo is to the next town.

well that was fun…to be honest, i can’t remember if this was LA or Dallas …but anyway typical ‘exit’ by brm and steve honest. the limo is to the next town.

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out today in germany!! yyeeea.....

2012-09-07 09:21:29 admin

and the dvd can be purchased in all stores worldwide as well as on now

i’ve noticed that some stores don’t display the search result correctly. you will find it under ‘a song about andy’ if nothing else.

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Big BRM is watching you

2012-07-30 18:33:50 admin

after the most wonderful garden party at thomas herrmans summer house we were thrilled and laughed our butts of when we rode the underground to find that my face was all over every screen on the entire network. now the party can begin. it’s there for another week and then again for another week before the release date. enjoy the ride. party is next thursday. release is 4th sept in germany and 10th sept rest of the world. :))

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Andy Warhol was a complex individual

2012-06-25 17:07:17 admin

As time passes and i’m making more and more preparations for the release of ‘Five Takes (A Song About Andy)’, the many facets of Andy Warhol’s true thoughts and feelings, as opposed to what he showed in public, goes through my mind. Only they were not ‘as opposed to’. Andy Warhol was a complex individual, it was all ‘one’. in this video clip jeff koons reads the words of an unusually frank interview andy gave after the shooting.

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Holly Woodlawn

2012-05-25 17:31:03 admin

One of my dreams of a lifetime came true when i had the immeasurable pleasure of spending an evening with the legend that is Holly Woodlawn. I’ll post a little video soon. We got on like we’d known each other for years and i cannot describe how i felt for days afterwards… Let’s just say i felt good.
We sang songs, we chatted, we laughed, we bitched….. Holly is one of the kindest and most loving people I have ever met and i will draw from this experience for a long time. I gave her copies of songs i have written about the Warhol stars, including Holly’s good friend Candy of course and ‘Bright Lights Fading’ about Holly. She was thrilled to receive my little gifts.

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