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I’ve been spending the week listening to music, getting inspired for my forthcoming album production.
Mostly I listened to things like African Headcharge and Muzlim Gauze, and, as always, the Ramadanman refix of ‘In the nightair’. Then I contemplated how to apply the intricate and percussive elements into house music.
And then these promos get pinged into my inbox and I’m inspired to explore it all even more.
First of all

God, how I love people who re-invent the wheel and you feel like you’ve never took a ride before. This does it for me .
And well done Sueno label for releasing music like this.
Check out their mixtapes too.

Miles EP by Keita Sano

Another wheel re-inventer. This is house music of the highest order. True individualism is at play here. And a play it is, playful and powerful.
My week has been made.


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