I received the full album promo and my mind is duly blown.
Just when you thought it was a dull day, this comes along. It makes me shimmy and shake and bust my best african moves.

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When the Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue first broke into the scene, the world immediately surrendered to their mesmerising blend of traditional cumbia with the modern electronic rhythms of dub, techno and dancehall. After making this local movement and gaining international attention with their celebrated debut album ‘La Alianza Profana’ and the follow-up ‘Serpiente Dorada’ EP on Enchufada, the masked duo from Lima is now ready to evolve beyond their musical influences and come into their own as their sound develops into something truly unique with their new album ‘Siete Raíces’.

Taking its name from a traditional Peruvian liquor – a potent beverage brewed from several jungle plants with mystical and aphrodisiac properties – ‘Siete Raíces’ is a suiting metaphor for a band whose distinctively hybrid sonic recipe has been perfected over the years. From their first single ‘Guarida (feat. Sara Van)’, where they introduce a melancholic vocal component to their sound for the very first time, to Murdah’s frantic juke influences or Badman’s tarraxo leanings, Dengue Dengue Dengue set out to expand the unique hybrid cocktail of sounds that has put them on the forefront of the global club music movement.

‘Siete Raíces’ fully embraces South America’s rich musical traditions while taking these cultural references towards the future, powered by thick bass lines, ethereal synths and dusty samples. Striking a captivating balance between tradition and modernity, Dengue Dengue Dengue pick the best of both worlds to expand their unique sonic universe, where the rich mystical ambience of the Peruvian Amazon is translated into an elevating experience for the world’s most forward-thinking clubs and festival stages.


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