Here it is

I’m thrilled that I am able to offer this. I hope you will have as much fun with this as I did making it!!!

The 41 samples uploaded on bandcamp are only examples of some elements of the Vocal sample Pack.
You will be receiving a dropbox download link to a zip file of approx. 3 GB of Vocal Samples.

There are in total 404 files contained in 29 folders.

The theme of this sample pack is that it is arranged into ‘songs’ (themes). This means that each folder/section lends itself to building whole songs out of them. You can of course chose to use the samples in any way you chose, and mix and match as you please. Each sample in this pack works with every other one or on it’s own. Each folder/theme contains additional ad libs. All samples are suitable for any kind of music, for house music but also other types of electronic music or any other genre.

This is the content of the sample pack:

Main Folder 1: 100 bpm mid-tempo:
– Folder 1: Ad libs
– Folder 2: Feels so right
– Folder 3: The sound
Each folder contains sub-folders with ad libs.

Main Folder2: 120 bpm
– Folder 1: Falling
– Folder 2: House sounds

Main Folder 3: 120 bpm
– Folder 1: Positive Noise
– Folder 2: Sold City
Sold city folder contains sub-folder with ad libs

Main Folder 4: 124 bpm
– Folder 1: Lover
– Folder 2: Positive Noise (Sweet Music)
– Folder 3: What you gonna do
– Folder 4: Heavy game
Folders 1 and 4 contain sub-folder with ad-libs

Many thanks for reading and I hope you get much pleasure out of working with my vocals. I had a ball making this sample pack and it was a challenge for me to just stand in front of the microphone day after day and make things up on the spot. It is not how I normally work, and when it all came pouring out in the end, after deciding on a ‘theme’ or ‘song name’, I was surprised and pleased with the results. The sample pack was recording using Neve pre-amps and EQ and other state of the art recording equipment, and I am very pleased with the sound quality. I hope you will be too.
released May 29, 2016

All recording by Billie Ray Martin.


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