Today I feel inspired to share Claudio’s new video recording. I have felt the strong feeling that this woman must be heard. A while back, when another female artist who works in ‘this genre’, and who is now in the major ‘fame league’, became well known because of extremely polished and expensive looking videos on youtube and a highly developed sound production, I was wondering who had paid for all of this to come seemingly out of nowhere. I had pondered on how media now creates the new generations of major players and I did not quite understand the process, if there was one to be understood. That’s not to say that there was/is no talent there, on the contrary. There just seemed to be something ‘other’ going on than just coming into musical existence because of music that reaches people. Then again, it seems natural that visuals are now such an integral part of the landscape… and why shouldn’t it be. It just made me wonder at the time who someone without those means would be hear.

However once again coming across Claudio I realise, and this is just for me speaking, not for anyone else, what it is all about. Substance and music. Claudio is not concerned with presentation but with getting the message across. And it inspires memore than 1000 glossy videos because it cracks my heart wide open and changes me. For this she is to be applauded. The voice, the vision, the sheer talent is what Rachel Claudio is about. And it is for this she will be heard.
And lady, I love those basslines.

Madness & Dragons

Bass line & big beats for the hurried. Lullaby for the committed. 🙂
Headphones recommended.
All proceeds go to ending child marriage. (Deets linked)
Love to all xx

Filmed at Superfreak Studios, Western Australia
Headphones by Audiofly
Neumann U47 FET courtesy of Soundtown

Posted by Claudio on Friday, May 27, 2016




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