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Today I’m thrilled to share some videos from the show. More to come. I’m really happy with these so please share them everywhere :))) Thanks to all of you who were part of this – please see details in the credits.
Happy Days!!

Today I’ll share the photos that Caesar Gergess took of our show. He’s not only a lovely musician, but a very skilled photographer and video maker. I love these Photos and I hope you do too.







Sometimes shows start difficult in the planning stages. You worry about funds, equipment needed, musicians availability, communication between artist and promoter etc. etc. You feel unsure. Then magic happens. Berlin made me happy last night and I have many people to thank. The audience being the obvious ones that made it all happen in the end. But also my dear dear friend Ceven Knowles, for spending the little time he had to create magic visuals, Caesar Gergess coming from Paris for no fee to play the Theremin, Romain Frequency of Electrosexual for lending us some equipment. Monika and Jacqueline for selling CD’s. And many more with their presence and support. Olaf Zimmermann and Radio 1 for supporting the show from the start and making it ‘show of the day’ as well.
These Photos were all taken by Olaf Zimmermann

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