I didn’t want to cry. And then I walk out of the front door and there, where David and Iggy lived: Candles, FLowers, Tears, Media. And finally I cried.
And I resent the media for being there with their :”…and thiiis is the building blablabla..”, – as if they have a clue about this street, this address, this building. And I wish just for once they’d leave and stay away. So I left quickly.

You lived a live rich and bestowed with gifts beyond measure. I celebrate you.
The gifts you gave during your time here, beyond measure too. I thank you.
The journey which you now are going on will be so rich and exciting. I salute you.
There is no one resting here, no one gone, there never is. But let them think so. I wave to you.
There is no mourning here, just amazement at your life.

And in front of that door…



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