Everywhere I go, and choose to sing it, people come up to me afterwards and ask me what the Bond Theme was that I was singing. The song seems to have gained a lot of admirers along the way, gathering more and more friends as time passes. So this is for those of you who have asked.
The song is called ‘Je Regrette everything’ and was written with Michael Delta. It was covered by DJ. Hell, or ‘Hell’ as he is nowadays known, and featuring moi on vocals.
T’is available here:

It came out with some cutting-edge remixes by the likes of #Superpitcher and was a club smash when it was released.
The demo of the song is also out on the CD album ‘New Demos 2002/03’ .

And this is the video, which I had nothing to do with. And my name misspelled, infuriatingly.

dj Hell feat. Billy Ray Martin – Je Regrette from Bozinovska Jones on Vimeo.

A recent rendition at #centrepompidou :

The song is about … well the story is that I walked by a local book shop in Berlin and in the window I saw someone’s autobiography, entitled : “I forgive no one”. I found this extremely funny and i wanted to write a song with a Title somewhat resembling this one. That, plus the fact that I regret a lot of things…and I never liked Piaf’s song…
as Morrissey said: I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges. That is how I wrote the lyrics and melody to the song. Michael Delta who created the original demo music is a very talented composer and the dramatic nature of the track fitted by vibe very well.


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