So, on the 10th October I play my new album to fans at Shoreditch House, London. There is no campaign, no release date. Why then, have I decided to do it? In the process of decision making about the best route and strategy of release of my new album (which is a soul album by the way, by the name of ‘The Soul Tapes’) many ways seemed obsolete or pointless. There are no more record companies really that sign music for music or it’s quality. There are no advances, allowing for a planning of marketing. Label services are the best options but again, most of them don’t pay, can’t pay so it is again up ot the music creator do foot the bill. To simply release it digitally with no substantial campaign, in effect throwing it out to a few people, while the rest of the world does not find out about it? Producing vinyl, in vogue again, but costing and arm and a leg and having become the tool of major labels to make their acts look cool. Is it all grim? Am I continuing to compliain? And don’t get me started on throwing this out digitally, for Spotify and other streaming companies just ‘taking it’ for free and throwing it out there with no return ever to reach my pockets?
I could go on. Instead I’ve decided to take my music where it is appreciated, until my best strategy is finalised, and that is TO MY FANS. My aim is to give value back to music, by holding a listening event, where the music is what matters, and where the memory stays with the people who are there. Where we have a meaningful exchange and where it is nothing but the music that matters. So that’s my little manifesto. Worry not, there will be a proper release. But for now, I am looking forward to this evening, where music touches people and where feedback and exchange happens. Needless to say I’ll follow the listening event with a mean live show, with the able assistance or Roi Robertson on keys and tweakage and Caesar Gergess on Theremin. And perhaps Clifford Slapper will pay a visit on piano?

Billie Ray Martin
Album Listening event
“The Soul Tapes’
and full live show
10th Oct. 6 pm sharp
Shoreditch House London


One Response to “Why I am having an album listening event for my fans way before a release date.”

  1. Roger Skeete on October 3rd, 2015 11:52

    Your a fantastic artist Billy have loved everything you do from electribe 101 to present day really looking forward 2 be part of your event on Saturday 10th and hearing the Soul Tapes studio version then Live

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