What better day than today to introduce to you the producer and guitar player of the new soul album that was completed a month ago, and i hope gets released at some point in the near future.
He has a new record out and it’s a fabulous one.

Jon Tiven was introduced to me many moons ago by Warner Chappel . His impressive list of productions made me interested. Fast forward to me sitting in his NYC appartement with him and his wife Sally (Bass) and writing a number of songs in a short space of time. Jon and Sally are the kinds of writers who can send me six arrangement ideas and I will pick at least four of them to write lyrics and melodies on. So we ended up very soon with a number of songs and the idea for the album was born.

I’ll write more about the album very soon and I am currently looking forward to organising a listening event for this album, but today I’m introducing the legendary Mr. Tiven.

His website http://www.jontiven.com/

He’s won a ton of awards and has produced legends!

Even little me did some backing vocals on this one:

and a couple of other songs on the album ‘It’s harder now’.

He produced BB King!

On the soul album we did together Jon’s guitar playing actually has me so excited at times that I can’t believe it’s something I’m involved in. I keep listening to certain parts over and over, which is something I normally don’t do.
Jon and Sally now live in Nashville and continue to wreak havoc on the music scene.

His album is out on July 3rd on MsMusic Productions, available online from Foothill Records.
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