Sometimes things just work and come full circle. I announce a gig, find the right venue within 24 hours, and an entire group of musical associates and friends tell me they’ll be happy to join me for a song or two. It’s times like this where all the falseness of whether an artist gets paid 0,00000001 cent or 0 cent per stream by Apple takes a backseat and you realise that it’s people that matter. And talent. In previous blog posts I already introduced to you Caesar Gergess and Waterson and today I’m thrilled to say that the family gathering will be complete with Viccsen (as i lovingly call her) joing us to lend her powerful tones to some songs of mine. I cannot wait, since we have never shared a stage before. We are all going to be under-rehearsed and nervous, since a lot of this will be quite spontaneous.

Here are some of my favourite Viccsen moments of recent years.

For those of you wanting to look further back:

and of course she’s worked with the shamen and many more.
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