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I thought I’d take some time to introduce some of the people that have kindly agreed to lend me a helping hand for my show at the Glory, London, on the 6th of July. The show sold out within two hours basically, making me feel like Kate Bush 🙂 . So it was even more of a thrill when the people who i wanted most to be on stage with me for a song or two all agreed. Well here is the first installment. Caesar Gergess will play the Theremin. I came across this instrument a couple of years ago (why didn’t i before…. no clue) and my friends all chipped in to buy one for my birthday. But for my show I’ve recruited the able hands of Caesar. Please check out his beautiful music on bandcamp.
Especially this album captured my attention. I find it an inspiring listen.

There is even a cover of “love comes quickly’. Not to be sniffed at.
Also his early recordings display a beauty and vision not often found.

He also makes beautiful videos.


One Response to “Introducing my partners in Crime of Passion :))”

  1. Caesar Gergess on June 14th, 2015 20:57

    Thank you Billie, I’m all blushing now 🙂 It’s a pleasure for me to be with you on stage. Much love, C.

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