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Sometimes, among all the bullshit one decides one must give attention to, in any given moment, there comes a ray of sunshine. Unexpectedly it reminds us what’s important: What we decided to give our hearts to a long time ago perhaps, and that we have forgotten about? Or that there are people out there that have no other goal in mind than to spread some good vibes and have some fun?
Whatever the case may be for you: for me it was the above mentioned.
Some people took the accapella vocal stems i offered to my subscribers on my bandcamp page, and wrote a song around it, about me….and a bloke named Fred. And I love it. It brightened my day, it made me laugh, even cry a little tear.
It made me feel I matter to some people out there and that its time to knock the daily bullshit on the head and concentrate on what’s positive.
And here it is:

#punk #vocals


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