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While digging out some unreleased Electribe stuff, i ‘found’ the raw memphis recordings of my album ‘Eighteen carat Garbage’. To my amazement it sounded great, with the backing vocals, sung by Ann Peebles and Carla Thomas, up loud and raw and beautiful and the musicians (Aretha’s band) twanging away and me hollering out guide vocals. Even laughter and chit chat, it’s all there. So on my list it goes for future mixdown, to be released as ‘The Memphis Session’. Even the prev. unreleased song ‘Hearts in Armour’ was recorded.
In case you don’t know the album that was released here it is:

The album sold out on import in the UK within days, and sold very well elsewhere, for an indie album. So much so that subsequently, the eighteen carat garbage demos was released. The album gets dearer to me each year, as it seems to find ever new friends and more and more emails are received where people express their support and love of this album.

Also of course, there is the ‘Recycled Garbage’ album, and many Vinyl releases.


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