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Today’s subscriber exclusive comes in 2 parts.
Again, it is a previously unreleased an unheard song.

This time there are 2 versions:
The Opiates – Are you loathsome tonight (unreleased demo and vocal acapellas/stems) for remixing and producing.
Billie ray martin new demo – Are you loathsome tonight (basic demo and vocal acapellas/backing vocals/stems) for remixing/producing.

The vocals are very different in approach. The ‘Opiates’ version’s vocals were spontaneous, the other was worked on and recorded at Hackney Rd./ Studios and tweaked to perfection in post-production.
So take your pick and enjoy trying your own mixes/production etc.
The Opiates demo:
BRM alternative demo:
You can also listen here:

To subscribe, and get these releases, just follow the instructions on bandcamp. Bancamp page also tells you about what else you will get for subscribing.


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