back in the 90’s, one of the most exciting things going on in hamburg were andrea junker’s ‘housefrau’ events. andrea ran a booking agency and artist representation agency too, as well as having her own tv show on viva television. she had gathered around her an artist- and musician/dj collective, and it was always great fun for me to drop by their office right by the harbour. miss nico was one of those creatives. the events had a distinct visual identity and the label ‘housefrau’ could not, and cannot to this day, be separated from the artwork. their posters were cult.

today i was thrilled to receive a gift from nico, that i had announced on facebook i wanted. not only was the st.pauli keyring included but a multitude of customised and handmade gifts, from packaging to special goodies made by hand.
i feel super happy to get this keyring, as a st.pauli girl, i would be.
this is nico’s website
i can recommend to check it out. a very talented and uniqe artist. if you ever need a truly special gift… here’s your woman.
i was looking for an old housefrau image online but there’s nothing.
so here’s what i received today. magic!


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