Mark Moore: “The vocals are by Billie Ray Martin from Electribe 101. I’d met her at Shoom, which was the original acid house club that kicked off the whole dance music revolution. She’d read in the NME that anyone could be in my band, so took me up on the offer. I was on the dancefloor, under this smashing stroboscope, with this interesting looking German girl talking to me, and I thought, ‘She’s obviously nuts’. But she had this great silent movie star beauty to her, so I told her to pass by the Beethoven St Studios the next day. She came in and we set up the mic for her and gave her a backing track for L’age du gateau. Suddenly this voice came out of her. It sounded amazing. We couldn’t figure out how this voice was coming out of this white German girl. I was just obsessed with her after that.”
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how lovely of mark. thank you my dear!!!!


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