near where i was staying in paris on my last trip there, was pierre cardins’ shop.
it was so amazing for me to even go in there and talk to staff, let alone to be greeted by his muse maryse gaspard, who looked so stunningly beautiful and stylish that, arriving from berlin, i felt i was on a new planet. a planet where people had dignity and grace and cared about what they looked like. this is not a shallow outcry for more importance to the exterior but for mindfulness in the presentation of self.
to say i am a fan of pierre cardin’s fashion is an understatement. to me, he is one of the genius human beings of design. his designs were ahead of their times all the way up to the 90’s, even if not many people cared to notice this. he has just, at age 92, re-designed the 60’s look and the collection is quite marvellous to look at.
we were kindly given a telephone number to call to maybe arrange a meeting, or drop by again for lunchtime the next day, as monsieur cardin drops in each day. i did not make use of this kind offer because i felt that he might be confused about who the hell i could be….
what you need to understand is that, even being in a room belonging to pierre cardin, is en par with meeting ann peebles or siouxie sioux.
so, respectifully not bothering anyone, i sent a nice package of cd’s and dvd’s to them all afterwards.
so i took in the beautiful designs but mostly i was stunned to find, more or less diagonally opposite the shop, a shop of his sculpures. the sculpures have been in my consciousness for many years. hand painted wood mostly, they are, of course, pieces of furniture, designed as sculpures. underrated again, he has created something of such beauty and timeless pop-artness, that i’ll let the images speak.
here are some impressions. long may he live and create.
thank you caesar for translating and being there, and eric d clarke for hanging out with me….


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