i was plannning to blog about Roedelius, the legendary master of intuitive music and now i guess this will have to wait a couple of weeks.
this cd arrived and had me stop in my tracks. hints of ‘My life in the Bush of Ghosts’ perhaps, but labels and comparisons don’t quite describe it’s unique beauty. Improvisational Constructions? Deconstructed Intuitions? Labels, Labels…..

Dieter Moebius charted new “Krautronik” ground as one half of Cluster (with Hans-Joachim Roedelius) for many years. The Americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker are two electronic musicians who could not be more different to one another. Story is known for his warm soundscapes whilst Leidecker has made an name for himself, or rather for his “Wobbly” pseudonym, with experimental adventures in sound. “Snowghost pieces” features harmonious, electronic improvisations of the highest order. Hypnotic rhythms embellished with sometimes bizarre, always surprising sounds and noises. Out June 27, 2014, on CD / vinyl-CD / DL

on BUERO B records.


One Response to “moebius, story, leidecker…….”

  1. Post-Punk Monk on June 14th, 2014 01:57

    It’s good to hear of this. I will keep an eye peeled for this to hit my favorite local emporium this summer. Shopping there has inured me to the fact that I should simply buy anything that Bureau B releases. It;s a policy that has borne much fruit with only two albums out of 30 or so in the last three years being less than stellar.

    It’s fantastic that they are reissuing brilliant music that I missed then I was a lad [Conrad Schnitzler, Dieter Moebius and Roedelius in particular…] and read about for years before finally hearing. They are also releasing fantastic new acts like Sølyst and Camera that are building new roads on the foundation of Krautrock for the present.

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