an eventful week

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it’s been an eventful week. we shot 2 music videos for my new singles. the first one was a video shot on potsdamer strasse and hauptstrasse berlin, reminiscent of ‘bowie in berlin’, kind of. i am excited to see the outcome, when director joern hartmann (again) makes the most of it. The second one i’ll talk about when the time comes for the follow-up release. we had huge fun – it was the most relaxed shoot i’ve ever been on. carl stanley once again flwe in from london to do the make up. inez koernich assisted and much more, michael bidner was the assitant to the director and filmed extra footage on both videos. it was also funny to only have to walk out the door more or less, and be on the ‘set’. the second video was shot at o-ton theater, , a tiny, and i mean minute, theatre with a black stage. it was more than perfect. special thanks go to herrn bossmann for letting us use it and huge thanks also go to georg jenisch for lending his puppets.
the week also meant approving the final remixes for the following two releases. this never comes easy to me as i have to pay attention to so much detail. I have to be well rested and in a fairly relaxed mood to actually do it, otherwise i feel too much pressure. that’s just the way i tick. you’ve got to get it right.
So…next on the menu are the masters approval and the releases themselves. i’ll set a release date in the coming week.
here are a couple of first shots from the video sets.


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