I don’t think these mixes were released (i could be wrong), so i thought it might be a good way to share some of the soulfulness of Frankies Work he did for us here. Farewell and thank you Mr. Knuckles. To me the scary sounds on some of these mixes are just amazing and give this tune edge. The basslines are killer! The strings and pads pure soul. I was never keen on my vocal on this song, but …you live
and learn. Enjoy.


One Response to “Electribe 101 – Heading for the Night – Frankie Knuckles Remixes. In Honour Of Frankie Knuckles.”

  1. peter blaq on June 23rd, 2014 23:16

    Wow. Just wow. I hope these beauties find their way onto CD someday! Perhaps in a Electribal Memories remastered/deluxe edition Box Set? A boy can dream…

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