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so today started a bit as a potential write-off. unsuccessfully trying to make all kinds of arrangements for my new video shoot, like getting the right clothes, locations etc. kind of took it out of me. then i received word that is going to remix one of my new releases, a david bowie cover. while i’m waiting to buy my own first theremin, what could be better than having this wonderful artist work with me. check out her website.
then someone on my facebook page (david henru green THANK YOU) suggested i find out who did the sound design for this video:

now i WAS inspired. the fact that nothing impresses me easily these days usually doesn’t help but this reached me. eraserhead parallels are obvious, both visually and in sound design, but svankmeyer is not far. and i do wish i knew who did the sound, it is a work of art in itself.
Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 18.33.28
this is the website of the artists:
so…this is my inspiration for today. thanks to all my fans on facebook and everywhere who had suggested ideas to me for far-out remixers (although i’m not sure pope franciscus will confirm)


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