Brooklyn DJ/producer Pocketknife aka a string of other names, aka Laposky, with a string of big name remixes and a sting of this and a string of that is an odd sort. not content with working the floor using ever ‘new’ fomulaic combos, he wipes it with a mindblowingly simple yet…├╝ber exciting new sound. How it’s possible to manage this with a hi-hat, a kick, a snare, a piano and sme more odd bits is beyond me.
but take a listen for yourself, you lucky social media users. one click and it’s at your demanding fingertips to free streaming.

personal favourites? not even sure. i find myself singing along as if i’m recording a memphis soul record. and that can only be a good thing.
Boonlorm – String Figures
Vinyl and compact disc in stores now and available from the Wilde Calm Shop
Digital album available now


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