Simon Mills, one half of Bent, made this album, MADE it. Someone MADE this music. It’s full of quirky love, it’s full of …music. It sounds like music should sound. Remember when music charmed it’s way into your consciousness instantly and effortlessly? And this is by no means saying that it sounds in any way retro-esque, au contraire. But it’s sound is so instant that it vaguely makes you remember a time when music could do that.
No hypem.shite, no ‘if it ain’t in this blog it ain’t worth a f…’ this is pure delight and will convince on it’s own merits. The love and work that has gone into this album cannot go unrewarded and therefore fork out a few quid, post it, blog it, cane it from the rooftops.



One Response to “One half of Bent made an album. Get it! You’ll be a happier human being.”

  1. Stefan Keydel on October 18th, 2013 22:08

    Great stuff!

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