BRM recording fund now open – Crowdfunding

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 To all supporters of my music

I have started recording and writing songs for two new albums and more.

Both albums have equal priority.

To gather the funds to record and develop them I have opened this BRM recording fund where you can donate and support me for the forthcoming recording projects. You would become a patron to my music and my activities.

I did not want to do a purely one-project-based crowdfunding campaign at the moment,  as what I am doing now is too varied and flowing, and ongoing. So that will happen some time later, soon. I also feel like I want to develop a real dialogue with my fans and supporters, where they get to know what I get up to, and where they can ask me questions on an ongoing basis, and get involved more than before. And I have beautiful demos to share, which I’ll be glad to share throughout each stage of developing the songs.

That’s why this fund is staying open for various projects, which I’ve prioritised.

Here’s how to paypal me – click on this link:

What is the money for:

Studio time, musicians, recording, some travel to get to the studios, perhaps some hiring of instruments where needed.

What are the projects:

There are a few and I’ll probably come up with more any minute now.

Here are the priorities:

– an album of new songs, recorded in unusual ways, with unusual people and at least one unusual instrument. Is it house or dance? Not strictly but there is that influence going on too. I’m just not sticking to the orthodox way of creating it. A rhodes, a drum machine, a drummer, and unusual instruments from the realms of classical and experimental music. Just essentials, beautiful songs, nothing else. It’s about singing and songs.

(about 10000 Eur or more needed)

Status: 6 songs drafted 🙂 So happy.


– an album of cover versions of Brel, Aznavour…and writing new songs whilst recording.

Call it the french connection. Prepared Piano,  strange arrangements, Cello? It’s all influenced by Francois de Roubaix. Breaking barriers and singing the songs in ways not sung before. I tried a little something with a song like this not long ago and the way I sang it surprised me and It was even shocking in parts due to the intensity that came out of me. 

(about 10000 Euro needed)

Status: 4 cover version demos done, 4 new compositions done. To be continued in July. I don’t sleep at night as I’m so excited.


There are other projects which will explored along the way, and songs sometimes develop whilst in another session.

–  Poetry I’ve written put to music – straight from the heart.

More about this very soon. I’ve already started. All lyrics are written. Your patronage will allow me to continue with all of these projects. 

All supporters who give amounts over Eur 200 will get mentioned in the credits.

People who donate larger amounts: please talk to me about what kinds of credits you’d like or what else I can do to make you a happy bunny. Let’s communicate.

If you’d like to give a certain amount each month, we can set that up either via bank transfer or paypal.

If I don’t raise enough, unfortunately things will not happen, so this is the opportunity to make sure it does.

Anything else you’d like to bring to the table to help? Talk to me!

And please do get involved, I really want to start a dialogue with you.

Love to you all !!


My picks of the week. And they’re vibey!

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Screen shot 2016-07-07 at 17.15.05
I’ve been spending the week listening to music, getting inspired for my forthcoming album production.
Mostly I listened to things like African Headcharge and Muzlim Gauze, and, as always, the Ramadanman refix of ‘In the nightair’. Then I contemplated how to apply the intricate and percussive elements into house music.
And then these promos get pinged into my inbox and I’m inspired to explore it all even more.
First of all

God, how I love people who re-invent the wheel and you feel like you’ve never took a ride before. This does it for me .
And well done Sueno label for releasing music like this.
Check out their mixtapes too.

Miles EP by Keita Sano

Another wheel re-inventer. This is house music of the highest order. True individualism is at play here. And a play it is, playful and powerful.
My week has been made.

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